Monday, January 24, 2011

Los Angeles Union Station

Union Station ticketing hall

The Los Angeles Union Station is about 12 miles (or 17 minutes with no traffic) from Downey. For a college student taking the train home for the weekend from Santa Barbara (about 90 miles to the northwest), this is where you get off to meet your ride home.

Union Station opened in May, 1939. The grand hall, above, was originally the ticketing hall. The waiting room and elegant dining areas, below, conjure thoughts of romantic cross-country trips more than of the daily commute to the office.

Union Station waiting room


  1. Union Station is the greatest and your photo of the ticketing area really captures it. I also appreciate how the city has preserved its historic look while keeping it as a fully functional enterprise. They've even placed several stores in a semi-inconspicuous way.

  2. Great shots of this lovely old station.

  3. Lovely photos - I imagined no-one took the train anymore in California...

  4. Thanks, everyone. Union Station truly is a lovely place, and yes, it's surprising how many people do actually take the train in this car-oriented place.


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