Monday, January 3, 2011

Rain dogs

Rose Parade float dogs

Recently, one of our readers (Mary Ann of Beirut Pursuit) asked about the origin of the Rose Parade. Another of our readers (Petrea of Pasadena Daily Photos) provided a link to the answer: the city of Pasadena wanted to show off our warm California weather to the rest of the country.

And it amazes me how, year after year, we seem to save one of our few perfect days for New Year's Day — no rain, no smog in sight. It's almost like there's a conspiracy not to show our true colors!

It was especially amazing this year, when New Year's Day was preceded and followed by heavy rain. These bedraggled dogs, with their noses starting to peel away, show what happens when you have to spend all day out in the rain.

Rose Parade float flowers
You can purchase flowers and objects from the float.
The money raised helps cover the cost.
Rose Parade float bird
This bird from the float will perk back up again as soon as
he dries out. I wonder who took home the peacock.


  1. How unusual! Very interesting blog - thanks. Happy 2011!

  2. I remember one four or five years ago (six?) with freezing rain. The parade went on, but I couldn't bear to watch it. All those majorettes in their little was cold!
    And it was cold the other day, but with all that sun you'd never know it.


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