Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Rancho Los Amigos, south campus


IMG_1175_1This traditionally Spanish-style building was apparently built in 1926. I love the look and the details (if you zoom in on the small picture to the right, you'll see some of the great architectural details). I'm not sure what it was originally, other than part of the hospital/medical center campus. Today it is a Los Angeles County Office of Public Safety.

IMG_1170It is one of the few buildings located on the south campus of Rancho Los Amigos Rehabilitation Hospital that is actually in use. The 70-acre area is odd in that most of the buildings are abandoned and boarded up.

I find it hard to believe this area has remained abandoned for such a long time. There are stories to be found everywhere that talk about it being haunted... I don't know about that, but driving through the area does give you a feeling of loss and abandonment. See previous posts for another peek at this intriguing area.


  1. I think you should avoid over-sharpening/saturating your photos. They look great as is! Continue with the good, fun work. We appreciate that you keep Downey in the spotlight!!

  2. ya i remember wen i was a kid livin down the street form rancho me and my friends would go down there and just spend hrs riding around on are bikes we would go into some buildings lol but as soon as we went in we would just run back out especially in the USC medical buildings because you would get that errie feeling you know? we also saw this 1 building that was all boarded up but it still had lights on.... and that was the only building in the entire place that had lights on... i dont know if u know this but they also used a warehouse in rancho to build floats for the tournament of roses parade... every now and then wen i go back to Ca i always have to drive through rancho because its somethin i always have to do lol and i still see those lights on


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