Friday, February 18, 2011

In case of emergency

Fire truck and ambulance

In 1999, the Downey Fire Department implemented the Basic Life Support (BLS) program, which provides ambulance service for Downey residents for an annual subscription of $48 (the current rate). This service can come in handy when an emergency arises at home, as a neighbor recently experienced.

According to the city's EMS history web page, "Today, the Downey Fire Department proudly continues its delivery of the highest level of medical care to the community.  Since the Department’s inception of Paramedic services in 1974, 84 firefighters have been trained as Paramedics.  Today, 80% of all calls for service are EMS related, and in 2009, Downey Fire Paramedics responded to 6,791 emergency medical incidents."


  1. $48.00 what are taxes being collected for???

  2. So if you don't pay, you die? I'm pretty sure we get this for free in CO (or rather, our taxes cover it). OUCH!


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