Sunday, February 13, 2011

Lined with palms

Palms on Tweedy Lane

Palms on Tweedy LaneI've read that Paramount Boulevard, a main thoroughfare through Downey, used to be lined with palms. They are long gone, but palms still line Tweedy Lane near the entrance to the James Tweedy Ranch. In this one short block, there are 27 palms on one side of Tweedy and 13 on the other side, planted about 20 feet apart.

The palms, probably at least 100 years old, give a very stately, elegant look to the street. And they can be seen from quite a distance, providing a useful landmark.

Extensive research (that is, I googled "extremely tall palms") tells me that these are Royal Palms. (Please correct me if you know better.)

The palms below, spaced a little further apart, are a little further south on Tweedy.

Palms on Tweedy Lane

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