Sunday, March 20, 2011

Early (Downey) church history

First Baptist Church of Downey

Today is the first day of spring, but it's cold and rainy and just plain icky out. So let's go back a couple of days to when the sun was setting on the First Baptist Church of Downey.

As one of the earliest churches in Downey, First Baptist's history goes back over 140 years, to when a traveling preacher first starting meeting with several families from the Downey area. The congregation grew, moved, and expanded to their current location near downtown Downey. The original church, which also served as a schoolhouse, is currently located at Knott's Berry Farm. For a more complete history of the church, see this article from the Downey Patriot.


  1. Downey First Baptist is one of the oldest in Downey, but Downey United Methodist Church is several years older. The Downey United Methodist Church's official date begins in 1854.


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