Saturday, March 19, 2011

Fill the bucket

Fill the Bucket Fundraiser

Today was Fill the Bucket day at Stonewood Shopping Center. Fill the Bucket, sponsored by the American Red Cross Rio Hondo Chapter, is raising funds for disaster relief, with 100% of the money going to relief efforts in Japan. In addition to the Rio Hondo Chapter, the participants included the Downey Police Department and Explorers, the Downey Fire Department and Explorers, and the Downey City Council.

Fill the Bucket Fundraiser - Police ExplorersFill the Bucket Fundraiser - FirefightersI entered the shopping center at the back entrance, where the police Explorers were manning the entrance. I was told that the firefighters were covering the entrances on Firestone — and they were!

The firefighters left their Explorers, like the Police Explorers in back, in the safety of the parking lot, while they saw much more potential in reaching out to the traffic on busy Firestone Blvd. I think they were having a great time. And the response all around was heartwarming.

Thanks to all of you, who gave either your time or your money to help those suffering in Japan.

Fill the Bucket Fundraiser - firefighters

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