Saturday, March 26, 2011

Faces of the ARC walk


IMG_1947_1Here are a few more pictures from yesterday's Arc walk.

What a great way to start our day. It was encouraging to see the amount of support offered by family and friends for the consumers, as they are called at Arc.

Arc works toward creating a culture of more than just accepting people with disabilities. It is about teaching them the value of self-worth and  treating them with dignity and respect.

These are just some of the faces from the walk—as different as they are, they all share the willingness to walk together, partnering with one another, knowing that each person is valued within our community.


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  1. These are just beautiful! Both days of your your ARC walk photos have been uplifting and inspiring. Good job catching the joy and beauty in these faces, as well as the hopeful spirit of the event.


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