Thursday, August 11, 2011

Swim meeting


swimmer blue capMany activities happened at the USA Swimming meets this past weekend. Swimmers like Olivia Aguirre, pictured here, swam to have minimum time requirements for other swim meets. Olivia enjoys the sprint lengths of 100-meter freestyle and breaststroke but will swim longer lengths if her team needs her.

Also at the meet were concession stands of energy drinks and the latest in swimwear among others.

concession stand

It takes a lot of volunteers to put on a meet this size and the ones in the administration tent were very helpful in giving me a background of the meet and making sure I was legitimate before letting me take pictures of the activities. If you are interested in having your children be involved in organized swimming, contact our local swim club, the Downey Dolphins.

Guest Blogger, Steven Mansell

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  1. And guess who was a charter member of the Downey Dolphins ME!! and my brother and a bunch of my friends! Even had a pool record!


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