Saturday, October 1, 2011

The arts in Downey

Taste of Downey art

As I mentioned yesterday, this year's Taste of Downey event included an art exhibit featuring work from 16 local artist, mostly painters and photographers. Downey Beat quoted featured artist Jamie Rowland as explaining, "Everything in the show is from Downey or about Downey."

Taste of Downey viewerI hope you'll excuse the following little bit of self-promotion. We were very, very excited to participate in the exhibit. We contributed five photographs (and were thrilled to sell three of them). It was exciting to see people responding to our photographs. (The picture to the left first appeared here in Downey Daily Photos.)

Taste of Downey coupleTaste of Downey bandAt the other end of the street, the Wise Guys Big Band Machine entertained the crowd. This couple stood in the glow of the sunset, totally absorbed by the music.

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