Thursday, October 27, 2011

Next door

halloween dolls

I decided to post what I didn't yesterday in light of the fact that it is Halloween and it is a weird holiday when people can act opposite of who they really are using an readily accepted excuse.

My mind is a controversy in and of itself about this night. I love the idea of a community getting together with children running around on sugar highs and Snickers and Butter Fingers melting in their hands. And who would pass up dressing up into things that you'd never be caught dead in on any other day?

But my other side thinks the holiday gets too much attention and is pushed over the limit with creepy sadistic imaginations made palpable.

Am I over thinking this? Is it just an innocent way to express the desires to, for one night, supersede the mundane and manifest ourselves into superheros and celebrities (sometimes mistakenly interchangeable)?


  1. I have such conflicted feelings about Halloween. I'd rather just ignore it. I love fall and I love children in adorable outfits. But this trend towards the macabre is too dark -- it seems to celebrate all the things that want to destroy us.


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