Saturday, September 8, 2012

Art on the Vine at Mari's

IMG_6864 as Smart Object-1

Two new artists were featured at Mari's Wine bar tonight. The artist of this selection, Jose Lopes, explains to Downey Arts Coalition that his work has been influenced by a mix of his fascination with pre-Columbian artifacts and the influence of traditional Mexican mural art.

IMG_6862 as Smart Object-1Death seems to hold a great preoccupation in his native culture and his work reflects it. There was a dark sense to each of his works.

"The viewer can, when presented with the image, find in the shadows his own demons and have them breed with mine to create a third form of reality. As a result, my nagging demons and angels commune with the observers’ own creatures spawning a world that is no longer mine but an addition of both artist and spectator’s subconscious minds.” Jose Lopes - DAC.

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