Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Palm crazy

IMG_7143 as Smart Object-1

On a recent walk, I started noticing all the different kind of palms growing in our neighborhood. This interesting blossom is on a banana palm.  This next one was next to the banana palm and might have been part of it, but I wasn't sure. But this "fruit" or whatever it was certainly was interesting. It also had dozens of flies buzzing all around it.

IMG_7142 as Smart Object-1I was walking past this last palm with my dog, who all of a sudden was alert and staring up at the top of a really tall palm tree. It reminded me of the movie "Up." If you've seen it, you probably picked up the same favorite phrase. A great part of the movie was how any sighting of a squirrel completely distracted any dog at any time.  "Squirrel!" Yes, there was a squirrel scrambling up the palm tree. Which, of course, I had not noticed at all. (You'll probably have to look closely to spot him.)

IMG_7145 as Smart Object-1

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