Monday, November 12, 2012

Firestone Boulevard

Firestone Blvd.

Firestone Boulevard is the main thoroughfare through Downey. In the "old" days, it was called Front Street.

This section of Firestone, near Downey Avenue ("downtown Downey), looks very much like it must have looked 50 or more years ago. (Hopefully, some Downey historians can fill me in on the actual age of this area.) Revitalization efforts have had their effect down the street, around the corner, and elsewhere. This little area, with its odd combination of shops, some of which have been there as long as I can remember, stay the same.

Click the picture, then click again, to see it larger.


  1. Looks to be early 60's steve voigt.. would liked to see it newberry's was there in that shot a few doors down to the west
    steve voigt

    1. I was thinking of another series during the day, down in that area. :-)


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