Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Snack shop

snack shop

The Discovery Sports Complex in Downey has two baseball diamonds and a soccer/football field. Between the two baseball diamonds is the snack shop run by D.J.A.A. (Downey Junior Athletic Association). They have the usual snack shop fare of sunflower seeds, candy, chips, bubble gum, water and juices. But they also have a man-sized barbecue for hot dogs and hamburgers.

snack shop menuGoing by tonight reminded me of my Little League days of getting a snow cone after every game, of working on the scoreboard for the main field and getting paid with a hot dog and coke, of hoping the baseball card package I just bought for 10 cents had somebody good in it. Actually, it was a treat if I just knew someone in the pack. Isn't it fascinating how some crushed ice and flavored syrup can be just the thing for a hot July afternoon.

What was your favorite item at the snack shop?

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