Monday, May 20, 2013

What do you see?

Tree trimming

What do you see when you encounter a pile of logs like this?

Free firewood. That's what most people see, and the cars were lining up.
Beach bonfires. That's where a lot of these pieces will end up this summer.
Bowls. That's what my dad would see. He loves taking a log like this and turning into a beautiful bowl, knots and all.
An interesting picture. Look at the patterns in the bark on these logs. Don't they remind you of an army camouflage pattern?

What do you see?

Tree trimmingTree trimming


  1. I see the lines of the saw
    the circle of years
    sectioned and restacked

    1. So Cal, you put it much more poetically than me!

  2. cool picture of firewood to heat my house


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