Wednesday, July 17, 2013

DSB = Journey


Tonight my wife and I went to this week's Concerts in the Park concert, which featured DSB Band. They have been identified as "America's favorite tribute to Journey." You can read about them here. This is Scotty Kormos setting the beat for the band. The drummer is usually in the back, heard but not seen, so I thought I would put his picture on top of my post. By the way, he plays bare foot.

P1020897Lead singer Juan Del Castollo called for the crowd to come on up to the stage and move to the rhythm of their music They responded.

P1020894One feature of each concert is the opportunity for attendees to support the Downey Rose Float Association by purchasing their goods for sale. The association is responsible for building our entry into the Rose Parade each year. Check out their website here and then come next week to support them. You may even wind up volunteering to help build the float later this year.

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