Sunday, July 14, 2013

Working together for art

Kalispell mural

Tonight, I'm staying in the historic downtown section of Kalispell, Montana. Downtown is very quaint, and a bit quirky, too.

There were several long murals. This mural was created by Pam Davis and her 5th grade classroom at Edgerton School. The students created poetry and artwork to honor their partner's lives. Another mural was created by the local juniors and seniors from Laser High School.

The murals are presented through the efforts of the Mural-Poetry project, a non-profit organization that works to "broaden awareness of the arts by preserving the value of history through the voices of our youth and the experiences of our elders. This project strives to unite the basic elements of our communities—businesses, schools and service organizations—to a common ground, providing a continual means of celebrating diversity, creativity and the strength of our cultural heritage."

Wouldn't this be a great project for our Stay Gallery along with our local schools and downtown businesses?

The quirkiness shows up at various local businesses:
Kalispell bearsKalispell climbers

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