Thursday, August 8, 2013

A quiet hideaway

cayucos 8-9-13

Just 200 miles north of Downey on the California central coast, just past Moro Bay, is the town of Cayucos. Bonnie and I will be spending a few days here to celebrate our anniversary.

Cayucos was founded in 1867 by Capt. James Cass as a business venture. He built a pier, you can see it in the background, to export local goods and import necessary goods for the growing population of the central coast. It has long ago been replaced by other piers in larger towns so today it is used only by walkers, fishermen, and photographers. We come here for the miles of walking beaches and just to watch the ocean. Sometimes, we spot dolphins.

Where do you go for a retreat?

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  1. We were just a few miles north in Cambria two weeks ago. Very nice. Enjoy!


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