Sunday, August 11, 2013

Crawford Park

Crawford Park

Some of Downey's Parks are so hidden away that most Downey residents will never know about them. One such park is Crawford Park.

Crawford ParkCrawford Park is located in a residential neighborhood that borders the Rio Hondo riverbed. Its main claim to fame, for me, is that it provides a place to park and easy access to the walking and bike trail along the riverbed. But it also has a small kids' play area, and a wide-open field that's great for an informal football or soccer game.

It's always fun finding out where the names come from. Crawford Park is named for one of Downey's original residents. According to the Downey website, "It was no coincidence that one of the first buildings in the new town [in the 1870s] was the Christian Church. Prominent among the early members of the church was Matson Duke Crawford, agent for John G. Downey and attorney for the Downey Land & Improvement Association. Crawford arranged for the church to acquire the lot on the corner of Fourth and New Streets. The construction of the church marked the beginning of the present downtown." (The current Downey Avenue was originally named Crawford Street.)

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