Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Downey Symphony Orchestra


Tonight's concert at Furman Park featured the Downey Symphony Orchestra directed by Sharon Lavery, Music Director. We heard several John Williams movie scores including Harry Potter, Star Wars, and Raiders of the Lost Ark. There was a tribute to the military where they played the theme song for each branch and had those that were serving, had served, or had relatives that served in that branch to stand up when your theme song was played. I loved the young children that were brought and how they played by acting out the music.

This is Ashley and Janette, who work with the Downey Civic Theater that hosts the Downey Symphony Orchestra during their performance season. You can check out upcoming performances of the symphony here and the theater here.

DSCN1235This baritone horn caught my eye because it has four valves, one is being pushed down, rather than the usual three.

DSCN1239During the concert, some of the Downey Junior princesses go among the spectators and sell raffle tickets. I think it develops in them the confidence and composure to speak with others. Not everyone said yes.

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