Saturday, December 21, 2013

Mayor's Award, Area 4

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The city of Downey is lit up this year with Christmas lights. This house was amazing. It was the winner of the city of Downey's Mayor's Award for Area 4. The yard was covered in "snow" and there were lighted decorations everywhere. There was even a live Santa sitting in a "sleigh."

IMG_2082 as Smart Object-1As we drove around Downey, it had me wondering how it came about that we started putting lights on our homes.

Did you know that it was Thomas Edison who started it all? It seems that Edison wanted to find a way to market his incandescent light bulb. He decided to use his invention to add to the Yuletide festivities. He strung up lights all around his laboratory building so that railway commuters could see them. I'm sure he never imagined the global phenomenon he started back in 1880.

"Christmas is the season of light."
~ Anonymous

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