Friday, April 4, 2014

The day after

Burned office building

There was a two-alarm fire Wednesday night, just a few blocks from my home. It took the firefighters several hours to put it out, and the building is a total loss. The building was home to a doctor, a lawyer, an accountant, and a few others. Fortunately, the fire occurred during the night, when no one was there.

Burned office buildingSince the fire occurred at night, no one had the opportunity to think, "What should I grab? What can I carry out?" Instead, these business people arrived yesterday morning, to wait until everything was under control.

The accountant, above, is standing as close to his old office as the authorities will allow him. According to his daughter, he had his business in this office for 25 years. Now, he's waiting while those working inside pass out what's left—his files, his computer hard drive, anything else that can be salvaged for another day.

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