Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Hazmat for short

Fire dept response to hazmat

I think I've watched too many episodes of "24."

How else to explain why my thoughts immediately jumped to "terrorism plot" when I heard that the driver of the big rig, now leaking corrosive fluid on Paramount Blvd, was nowhere to be found?

Fire dept response to hazmatBut really, nothing so sinister was going on. A minor accident between a passenger car and the big rig resulted in a spill of some unknown chemical and the complete closure of Paramount just north of the fire station. Because Downey doesn't have a hazardous materials (hazmat) truck, hazmat response teams from neighboring towns Santa Fe Springs and Vernon were arriving to help out.

The incident did give me an opportunity to say "hi" again to Father John, the Downey Fire Department chaplain. I first met Father John three years ago, when he was brand new on the job. He recognized me tonight and filled me in on what was going on.

After nearly five years of Downey Daily Photos, it still surprises me when we're recognized around town.

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