Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Special Olympics 2015


Downey is the host town for Ireland for the Special Olympics this year. Tonight Downey officially welcomed the coaches, trainers, and athletes from Ireland to the city with a festival. Local businesses had informational booths while the Parks and Rec department had face painting and a free photo booth along with several other entertainment booths.


The mayor and city council were there to give speeches that welcomed the delegates. There were also several Irish dignitaries on hand, including Philip Grant, the Consul General of Ireland to the Western United States. Our guests joined right in when the rock and roll music began.


The Irish delegates were dressed in tee shirts and hats proclaiming their team spirit.


I think this coach, encouraging this athlete to be involved in the moment and to feel secure in what he is doing in his event, is a great example of what the Special Olympics is all about. I took this photo just before the National Anthem was sung. The entire Irish delegation stood.

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