Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Humans of Downey - Joseph


"The way I see it, that we all are the same, is that we all have the same chance, we all have the same opportunity, we all have the same way to get toward something. Whatever our dream is we can go out there and accomplish it. The other way we are all the same is that we can converse with others and share ideas. Conversations are the great equalizer in a society. We all may have different dreams but in conversation we can share how we are achieving our dream.

"I am mostly shy. I ended up going through a different path to come to where I am today. When I was young, my mom would tell people that I was shy. When I was 18, almost 19, I actually started to be open to learning things from others that I was closed to before. I'm also unique because I like to struggle. When I find something is hard for me I want to go through it even more just to get through the resistance. So I actually started loving the struggle, the resistance, things that were hard. Even If I stuttered, I wanted to learn more and more. I have found that I want to learn more about people than I think they want to learn about me. I think I'm unique because most people want to talk about themselves but I would rather listen to others because I haven't lived much of my life yet."

~ Joseph

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