Thursday, September 6, 2018

Road rage results

memorial at fense

This makeshift memorial is for a driver that was involved in an episode of road rage. According to a neighbor, the car came down Alameda Street, it crashed into a parked car, flipped over, and came to rest after striking this block and iron fence. He didn't know if the driver was the victim or perpetrator.

I remember a cartoon we watched in driver's training in high school starring Walt Disney's Goofy. As a pedestrian, Goofy was mild-mannered and congenial. But once he got behind the wheel of a car, he became incensed with power. He alone had the right of way and every other driver and pedestrian needed to get out of his way or suffer the consequences.

Do you see this out on the road?

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  1. Horrifying that such a thing would happen in a residential neighborhood!


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