Tuesday, September 18, 2018

What does Downey have?

McDonalds 65 years with Chris Nichols

"Paris has the Eiffel Tower. New York has the Empire State Building. What does Downey have? The world's oldest McDonald's!" So says Charles Phoenix (below in the hat), American humorist, historian, and author of Addicted to Americana. Phoenix and Chris Nichols (above), columnist at LA Magazine, were on hand to celebrate the 65th birthday of our unique Speedee and McDonald's in August (while DDP was on vacation).

Closed and nearly gone at one time, the building is restored and operational now, and even has a drive-through lane to help it stay competitive with the newer McDonald's down the street.

Happy belated birthday McDonald's!

McDonalds 65 years


  1. Thanks as always for the photos and the on-going reflections on our city. I'm proud of our McDonald's ... sometimes wish the city could be remembered for more: the Art Museum, the Children's Theater? But that's OK. Downey is a nice city to live in.

    1. Yeah, we have a lot of cool stuff, that comes up now and then. It was fun that they made a big deal out of this one. :-)


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