Friday, December 30, 2011

The 98%?

Downey Rose Parade Float in progress

As reported in the Downey Patriot, the Downey Rose Parade chairman has pronounced the Downey Rose Parade float to be 98% complete. I guess it's the 98% that's under the hood, because the float looked pretty bare to me today, with just three days of work remaining.

But there were lots of volunteers working on the float, and no doubt it will be ready on time (on January 2 this year). So, I've got lots of pictures for you today—it's the only way to really communicate the incredible amount of activity taking place at the preparation site. And I'll be back there on Sunday night to show you the results.

Downey Rose Parade Float preparation 2Downey Rose Parade Float preparation 1

Downey Rose Parade Float preparation 4

Downey Rose Parade Float preparation 3Downey Rose Parade Float preparation 5

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