Monday, December 19, 2011

The Dismukes House bedroom

Dismukes House bedroom

To finish up this little mini-series on the Dismukes House, here's the bedroom.

Dismukes House shoesIt's small, and of course there are no closets, much less the walk-in variety that are common now. Some shoes typical of the period sit on a chair in the corner.


  1. wow, the colors in these photos are amazing. I love the quilt, the sort of still life set up on the wash stand. So pretty.

  2. Thanks, Mary Ann. It appeals to me, too -- sometimes I think I was born in the wrong decorating century.

  3. I pass this house on my Saturday jog and I've been so interested in it, and with a google search I found your site. How can we get more information about it and is it ever open to the public?

  4. Mark, the Dismukes House is operated by the Downey Historical Society. If I remember right, the house is open to the public on Thursdays, but I don't remember the hours. The Historical Society is in the building next door, and the hours are posted there. They have lots of information available there.


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