Saturday, December 17, 2011

An ordinary 1880s farmhouse

Dismukes House

In 1887*, Edwin Price Dismukes built a wood farmhouse for his wife Maude and his growing family. Unlike some of the large homes in Downey (such as the Rives Mansion), the house that Edwin built was 20 by 25 feet, with a living area, a bedroom, and a kitchen. The bathroom was an outhouse out back.

The house was originally located near the corner of Firestone and Paramount (then College Avenue) Boulevards. Scheduled to be demolished for a parking lot, it was donated to the Downey Historical Society and moved to Apollo Park in 1986.

Over the next couple of days, I'll show you the inside of the house.

Dismukes House Patriot article

For a more complete history of Dismukes and his house, see Looking back on - Dismukes house from the Downey Patriot.

* The 1887 date is based on the Downey Patriot article; the Herald American, above, dates its photo in 1886. I haven't attempted to resolve these contradictory dates.

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