Saturday, December 3, 2011

Urban decay


IMG_0763This is the main entrance to the abandoned Rancho Los Amigos south campus facility. It's been a while since I photographed here, but I still find myself drawn to it. I am fascinated that it was just deserted, abandoned 25 - 30 years ago, (couldn't find the actual date). While there are some buildings in use on the 62-acre property, the vast portion of it remains boarded up pieces of our history. Along with the mostly Spanish-style buildings there is also an example of turn of the century Craftsman-style and Art Deco architecture that still remain.

IMG_0778 as Smart Object-1_1I'm sure one of these days a decision will happen and plans will begin to demolish the old and start to rebuild. I'm just hoping to be able to figure out a way to get access to photographically document the character of what still remains on the south campus before it's too late.

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