Sunday, July 22, 2012

A part of my day

Green Olive customers

This weekend I read about a relatively new Mediterranean-style fast food restaurant in Downey called Green Olive. (You can read all about it here from Downey Beat.) So when I went searching for a picture today, I stopped by there.

I met Sam, the owner. I snapped a few pictures. But nothing really caught my eye. This isn't to say that nothing looked good—the menu had my mouth watering and the place was packed!

Then I walked outside and spotted a lone couple eating at one of the outdoor tables. They were dressed for a more elegant dining experience than this, but they didn't look out of place. Maybe they stopped here on their way home from church or something.

So I introduced myself and asked for permission to take their picture, and they graciously agreed. We got to talking. This is their first visit to Green Olive, and they loved the food. They live in nearby Artesia, but Dennis works in Downey and they are thinking of moving here. We talked about how Downey is a nice quiet place to live (but freeway close!). When we finally said our goodbyes, Dennis said, "And now you're a part of our day!"

And now they're an unexpected but delightful part of mine!

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