Tuesday, July 24, 2012

We love Bumblebee!


This is the biggest image I've seen so far from the street artist, Bumblebee. This little girl is painted on the side of a building on 2nd Street just past LA Buns and the Epic Lounge.  Usually there are bees incorporated in the image, so I'm not sure of the message here. Maybe we'll find out at the film event scheduled to take place here in August.

The Downey Arts Coalition along with Epic Lounge is hosting a short film event called BUMBLEBEE LOVES YOU, featuring the images of Bumblebee. Click here for the info link. I believe the event is free, so bring a friend and stop by to check out a little local art vibe.

If you are interested, I recently posted another Bumblebee image on Firestone.

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