Saturday, January 12, 2013


2013-01-12 10.26_1

I'm not sure when this circle "cropped" up, but certainly it happened overnight. I came across it on my morning walk. One day it wasn't here, the next it appeared. How could this have happened? I was also intrigued to notice how the shadow of the light pole intersected the circles...very compelling, don't you think? I've heard of crop circles in southern England, never in Downey!

I've read about "intelligent beings" using Euclidean geometry to form these circles. Could some intelligent being have done this? We may never know. Should I be ready for a close encounter?


  1. This is done by street ravers usually at night when there is no traffic. Its called a donut.

  2. Hello, at what Street Intersections does this appear at ? I believe this is REAL. Thanks, Kimberly

  3. Thank you very much, Joan, this really helps out alot !! Blessings. --Kimberly--


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