Friday, January 25, 2013

North or south?

Rio San Gabriel Riverbed

Earlier this week, before the rain returned, we took a walk on the Rio San Gabriel riverbed.

Looking to the south in this picture, one might wonder why. It's not very attractive, although I find the seemingly unending concrete riverbed intriguing, and even picturesque in its own way.

But turn around, and you'll see why. We headed north, where the sides of the riverbed are lined with trees, and the riverbed itself is thriving. Flocks of geese stop here often to rest and feed before continuing their journey south.  And directly in front of us (on a clear day) is an excellent view of the mountains. (Yes, that's Mt. Baldy again.)

Altogether, a very nice walk!

Mt. Baldy


  1. Seeing the first one I thought of the movie Grease. The mind has sometimes works in mysterious ways.

  2. One can see some of the most amazing birds in that stretch of the river.


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