Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Lively ghost town


I am becoming more and more obsessed with history. To learn about people and places that existed years and years before I walked around on this earth just fascinates me. I do have a hard time remembering the sequence of things though. I can't remember when the Civil War was compared to the Gold Rush. World War I—before or after the great depression? Is that what caused it, or was it the Wall Street Crash?

I hear tidbits of history and eat them up like I was a part of it, but then I forget them anytime it's actually needed. I just learned tonight that California became a state in November of 1850 but we didn't hear about it in Los Angeles until twelve weeks later (thank you Mayor Guerra). I wonder how long I'll remember that...

This little dilapidated piece of rubble was part of a mine opening in the silver mines of Calico, California. A few miles east of our little town (126 actually), Calico remains a ghost town of the rush of the late 1800s. Walter Knott bought the land later and moved a few of the original homes and stores to Knott's Berry Farm where he could bring it back to life in honor of the men.

It's a great place to take the family to camp or horseback ride or just sit on a porch rocking chair and sip a sarsaparilla.


  1. I love local history! The kind you don't find in books but by only picking up nuggets of info passed on by the people that lived it. :)

  2. Jaime-
    I know what you mean! I love hearing the local tales and urban legends that no one puts into books. Everyone has a story if you're willing to listen.


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