Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Walking with the mayor


I needed a picture idea for tonight for our blog and couldn't think of anything. So I put out a message on one of the Downey pages of Facebook and immediately got responses from events all over Downey! The first one was "walking with the mayor," a new program Mayor Guerra is promoting for "Healthy Downey." Pam and I met the group at the Downey High football field/track and set off on our laps.

It was a lot of fun getting out with part of the community that I don't see very often for something we could all use a little more of. This is me (far right, front group) chatting with the mayor about school safety. It was great having this kind of low key event to just talk to people and find out what's going on with our city. Come out and join us next week!


  1. How fun. So sorry I missed it!

  2. Come out next week! You'll probably be working... I'll skype you :P


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