Friday, September 20, 2013

The coastal fog

Shoreline Village fog

Downey is about 15 miles inland from the beach—just far enough that most days we are unaware of the layer of coastal fog just a few miles away.

Shoreline Village fogSuch was the case last Sunday morning. The sun was out and bright in Downey. Just a few miles south, at Shoreline Village in Long Beach, the sun was still bright overhead, but the low-lying fog was so dense that it was almost impossible to see shapes just 100 feet distant. A telescope is useless. The only safety lies in sound, and the warning sounds of the foghorns were constant.

Did you know that, to be called "fog,"  the resulting visibility must be less than 1 km? More than 1 km, and it's just misty out.

Shoreline Village fog


  1. Super photos. Yup, the coast is a micro climate of it's own. I do miss the warm summer evenings... we hardly get any in RPV.

    1. Thanks, Tash. What you miss in the sun you more than make up for in those lovely views from the Peninsula! :-)


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