Sunday, September 1, 2013

Where comfort is king

E & E Orthocraft Shoes Emery Sipos

Have you ever wondered about the small businesses that line Downey Avenue in downtown Downey? With the shopping mall a couple of miles away, and "downtown" no longer the commercial center it once was, how do these small shops stay busy?

E & E Orthocraft ShoesWell, all the increased bustle in downtown Downey is benefiting these small businesses. Emery Sipos, owner of the family-owned E & E Orthocraft "The Foot Comfort Center" shoe store, has been in the shoe business since 1985—for 15 years here on Downey Avenue. He says that business has been picking up with the increased foot traffic downtown.

The shoes (men's and women's) are cute—stop by sometime and check them out, and say "hi" to Mr. Sipos.

In the "small world" department, it turns out that Mr. Sipos's daughter and DDP blogger Allison used to sing together in the Downey High School jazz choir.

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