Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Two more yard stories


Last week I talked about walking down a neighborhood street and seeing a story at every yard. Today I want to share two more stories. The one above tells me that someone missed the driveway by just a little but not enough to knock down the palm tree. Or maybe the accident happened so long ago that they planted the palm tree after the wall was knocked down.

DSCN1337This one tells me that these owners want to be reminded to keep Christmas in their hearts all year long. It's actually on a post out front and not a door knocker.

"And then let any man explain to me, if he can, how it happened that Scrooge, having his key in the lock of the door, saw in the knocker, without its undergoing any intermediate process of change—not a knocker, but Marley's face."
~A Christmas Carol, Charles Dickens

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