Thursday, October 2, 2014

Dunkin' Donuts is in town


My wife and I were driving down Firestone Blvd. tonight around 9:30 pm and saw a line of cars backed up into the street. Then we saw why—they were waiting at a new Dunkin' Donuts that opened a week and a half ago. I wrote about this building on August 21, 2013. It was previously an Arby's restaurant that had been vacant for some time.

I stopped in to see what all the commotion was about. You see, there are several other doughnut shops in Downey, so I wondered, why the lines at this one? Were they giving free doughnuts away or what? Well, the "what" is that people think they have great doughnuts, but Henry, a worker I talked to, said the fuss is all about their coffee. Whatever it is, there were 20 cars in line for the drive-up window and about 30 people waiting inside the shop just to buy doughnuts and coffee.

The decor sure says coffee.

But the racks say doughnuts.

What do you say? Have you been by yet?

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