Sunday, March 1, 2015

Just a little flash

Intermediate Photography class with Joan Day

Assignment: Use your flash to take a picture of someone against a bright sky. Adjust your camera and flash settings so that the sky isn't washed out and the person's face isn't in shadow.

So, how did I do? (Hint: I still need to tone down that flash a little more, so that it looks more natural.)

This is the first week of  Intermediate Photography, a four-week class taught by photographer Joan Day (above, center) at the Downey Adult School. We're learning to use flash effectively. I rarely use my flash, and therefore, I've never really learned to use it well. So I'm learning a lot and having fun in the process.

This week's class covered theory and some hands-on practice at the school, where we take turns being photographer and model. The rest of the weeks will be field trips, where we can practice in fun locations.

Intermediate Photography class with Joan Day

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