Saturday, June 5, 2010

It's Greek to me


Today we attended the 25th annual St. George Greek Festival. We decided to walk because the weather was perfect. While we were still blocks away, we began to hear the traditional Greek music and smell the amazing scent of roasting meat. Roasting the lambs was no easy job. You could see the heat rising as this man stirred the coals with a long-handed shovel. Of course, we had to have something to eat.


And then the dancing began with the littlest kids first. They were adorable!


But, I have to admit, these guys were my favorite. They had so much energy and were really fun to watch!


  1. Your picture of the little girl is amazing! Nice light, motion, smile, framing!

  2. Great action shots and beautiful light and colors!

  3. Ditto--your picture of the little girl dancing is enviable.


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