Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Island...


For a relatively small city (less than 13 square miles), Downey is diverse. Tonight I went to an area we grew up calling "the island." It is a small area that is bordered on one side by the Rio Hondo Riverbed and on the other with a "wash" — a sort of overflow riverbed. The Rio Hondo bike path follows along both. There is a little semi-private street that dead ends at the wash. The whole area feels like you've stepped back in time or place. It was along this street I spotted this house. I love it. It reminded me of many of the houses I saw in Ukraine. I love the detail on the screen door.


  1. Oh what a beautiful little house! Wouldn't it be perfect for Snow White?

  2. Your town looks so charming. Hard to believe it is so close to LA. I want to vacation in this cottage!


  3. Beautiful. Very.
    I want to sketch it. Why the day is only 24 hours long???

  4. I remember the island, I lived across the riverbed rode my bike over there all the time, but don't tell my mom :)

  5. I grew up on The Island, around the corner from this house. We rode our bikes down this street all the time, laughing as our balloon bomber tires struck all the potholes. The kids I played with on this street included Bobby Morris and a girl who I liked lots, but whose name escapes me at the moment. She lived at the end of the street.


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