Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Mr. Opportunity

Today, Joan's daughter decided she wanted to buy a car so we all headed over to Honda World to test drive a few. She had talked before to one of the Sales Associates, Vince, and so we looked for him but he was a little busy. We were introduced to Shahan,


who asked us a few questions, let us test drive a few cars, offered us a soda and ushered us into a great deal that she couldn't refuse. It was actually a great time laughing with Everest,


and not feeling like we were in a dealership at all. Andrea happily signed the papers


and received her very own set of keys.

Whenever I am in the market for my next car, I am definitely going to them. They were professional, friendly, well-informed and confident.

They were definitely the "Helpful Honda Guys in Blue" and I was really impressed with everything today.

Oh, and the car is great too.

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  1. The second man that helped you helped us. I really enjoyed that place. So what did she get and where are the pictures of the new car and owner?


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