Thursday, June 2, 2016

Humans of Downey - Johnny


"So much has changed about me since I entered the Marine Corps. Before I went in, I never had any manners, never shaved, I never got a haircut. I think once you're in the Marines, they help you become more presentable and more respectful. They first taught me to respect myself and then to respect others. They taught me to not look at life like some kind of game. They also taught me to care about others. We were a brotherhood and you respected your brothers.

"Before I was a Marine, I never listened to others, especially older people. But once you're in boot camp, that all goes away. You learned how to respect others for their position. I learned to say, 'Yes sir' and 'Yes ma'am.' I never told anyone, before the Marines, 'Yes sir' and 'Yes ma'am.' Then once I got out and I said, 'Yes sir" or 'How you doing sir,' people who knew me before were saying, 'Who's this? You changed a lot.' It was a great lesson."
~ Johnny

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