Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Humans of Downey - Rob (1/2)


"My love of golf started at a hockey camp in Montreal, Canada. I was there participating at a goalie camp. I grew up playing hockey and baseball. All of a sudden I had a golf club in my hand, golf took over, and hockey took a back seat. I started playing in high school. I got my game to the point to compete in college. I even played well enough to compete in division II golf. I won a tournament and now it has turned into a career for me. I would have never thought I would have been in this position 15 years ago, but I've embraced every moment of it. It's taken me from putting the carts outside away at the end of the day to running the junior programs here at Rio Hondo Golf Course to helping the high school golf programs to teaching the adult golf classes.

"Most people see the players of the PGA that have come up the ranks to qualify and play on the PGA tour. I am a PGA professional also. But I am in a program that will teach me the ins and outs of the business aspects of the PGA. Not just the golf swing, that's part of it, but I am more of a working-type PGA professional and not necessarily a playing professional.

"Now I do play in tournaments from time to time. I recently played in a tournament to qualify for the US open golf tournament. I love every moment while playing but my emphasis is on the teaching aspect of the profession."
~ Rob

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