Friday, June 3, 2016

The passing of the guard

Honor guard team

Every year at the Memorial Day Ceremony, an honor guard performs a final salute before the playing of Taps. What we typically think of as a 21-gun salute is really just three volleys from the soldiers in the guard—in this case, just four, for a 12-gun salute.

The honor guard team has changed over the years that I've been attending the ceremony, and there are fewer members. This year, half the team was new, and all of them were a little bit fuzzy on the details. So before the ceremony began, they started taking notes from a young high school student who knew the drill—ready, present, port, face left, face right, when do we cock the rifle again?—he knew it all, and was ready and willing to serve. A future honor guardsman in the making?

Honor guard team

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