Thursday, June 9, 2016

Humans of Downey - Rob (2/2)


"I'd have to say that it wasn't being successful that has gotten me this far in golf. It was actually being unsuccessful after leading a two-day tournament in San Francisco. I was the leader after the first day, and after the front nine of the second day I was leading by 5 strokes. It was in my pocket. Unfortunately, the back nine got to me. I went 9 over par, which took me from first to tenth, and then had to drive home from San Francisco after that.

"A couple of my buddies and Greg that works here saw the meltdown. And if it wasn't for that tournament, relinquishing the lead and feeling those feelings of disappointment, I would never have gone on to win in college. It prepared me to win. What happened was I was able to analyze the round and understand that my focus was more on, 'OK, I'm winning the tournament versus the process of getting to that win'. And that is what allowed me to win the Southern New Hampshire invitational for the UMass Lowell River Hawks in college. You talk about what happened to Jordan at the Masters this year and watch him bounce back from that. Sometimes you have to lose before you can win. So, I would say it was more of a negative thing I learned to reach a positive. I look back on that tournament often to make myself focus on the process I need to follow to win."
~ Rob

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